The Princess and the Frog Activity: Frogs at Hidden Pond

Our next field trip for The Princess and the Frog week was to Hidden Pond Nature Center, a wonderland of amphibians.

frog 044
The Nature Center itself was closed, but the pond was available to explore.
frog 051
We saw turtles and bugs and played in the mud.
frog 062
The sound of frogs was super loud, but I wasn’t sure we would see any. Then we spotted one relaxing on a log in the water.
frog 057
It was a beautiful day for watching the animals and enjoying nature.
frog 094
It was also a great day to run over bridges to the playground!
frog 097
A lady walking the trail pointed out a snake in the water right before we left, though.
frog 099
There’s a snake in there somewhere!
Then it was time to play!

frog 041

frog 018 

It got very hot, so we left soon after to get ice pops. But Hidden Pond was a fun place to spend an afternoon. We will be back!