Lunch at Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade

There was no way we were going to Hollywood Studios without eating at Pizza Planet.

Toy Story + Pizza + Video Games = Best Lunch Ever!

He’s Happy. Really

And actually it wasn’t just the atmosphere that was good – it was tasty food too!

With the Quick Service Dining Plan, I got a Meat Lovers pizza, side salad, Cappuccino cupcake, and a Coke.

Disney World 079
Picture of half-eaten lunch.You’re welcome.


I reluctantly split my cupcake with Luke, who was disappointed by his measly chocolate chip cookie. It was a big sacrifice – the cupcakes at Hollywood Studios are awesome! Luckily, they are also huge. So it worked out.

Scarlett was determined to play a video game with her pressed penny. That didn’t work too well. We had to distract her with promises of Star Tours and Fantasmic, but we got her out of there without spending all of our pressed pennies.