Disney’s The Little Mermaid Inspired Sensory Bin

I’d been wanting to try out some floral water beads with the kids and decided they’d be good for sensory bin with a Little Mermaid theme.


The package did say that they were not for use by children, so I hesitated. But then I decided to use them and carefully supervise and it all turned out okay.
Here’s what I put in this one:
Clear water beads
Blue decorative stones
The Little Mermaid Figures (Ariel, Ursula, Triton, Max – we lost Eric somehow)
Fish (Fisher Price Little People X-ray fish, specifically)
Dinglehoppers (forks!)
A Spyglass
I was surprised that Luke liked this one more than Scarlett. He does like mermaids. He also spent a good amount of time trying to squish the little beads.

Overall, this one wasn’t as much of a hit as I’d imagined. At least I thought it was pretty!