Disney Princess Sensory Bin: Tiana & The Princess and the Frog

My wedding colors were green and purple, and after all this time I still had some colored sand left over from the event.

What could I do with green and purple sand? Make a sensory bin of course! The Princess and The Frog sensory bin to be exact.


I wish I had some other frog type items to put in there, but in the end I think it turned out nicely. I used:

Green and purple sand 
Green decorative stones 
The Princess and the Frog Figures 
(Tiana, Naveen, Frog Tiana, Frog Naveen, Louis, Ray and Mama Odie) 
Heart Shaped measuring spoons (because Tiana loves to cook) 
Small measuring bowl


Scarlett really, really liked this one. She liked burying Louis, the big alligator, in the sand. Then after a while, she took everything out and put her feet in the sand. Definitely her beach-loving father’s daughter!

She ended up stepping on Ray and broke him, so that was sad. But we kept this one set up for a few days because she enjoyed it so much. And I only had to vacuum up a little because she was so careful to keep the sand in the container. It was a win-win bin!