Disney Princess Sensory Bin: Snow White

Snow White is Scarlett’s favorite Disney movie (she likes the oldies!). She especially loves Sneezy. I put together this Snow White sensory bin for her.

Originally I was going to use Epsom Salt for “snow” but then I discovered black eyed peas feel a lot like wood. I used them instead, for a forest-y feel. (I LOVE them, and I’m still running my fingers through the bin on a daily basis. I might make a black eyed pea sensory bin for myself!)
I also added:
Sliced red apple (non-poisoned)
Red plastic jewels for the Dwarfs’ mine
Tin foil for the Magic Mirror
Snow White and Evil Queen figures

This was a short-lived activity, because the apples got brown pretty fast, and the til foil got crumpled. I would like to use little craft mirrors in the future; I’m just not sure if the kids could cut themselves with them.

I might make another one if I can get my hands on some dwarf figures. I think it would be cool to do one with a mining theme.