Disney Princess Sensory Bin: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast was the quintessential Disney movie for my younger years. My sister and I must have watched it, along with The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, just about a billion times. My eighth grade French class, after watching La Belle et Le Bete, even formed a short-lived Beauty and The Beast fan club.

Disney nerds 4 eva.

Anyway, I saw fake roses in the dollar store and pretty much needed to buy them for a Beauty and the Beast sensory bin.

Here’s what I included:
White Rice
Red fabric roses (with glitter!) 
Red decorative stones
Foam princess stamps (Dress, castle, mirror)
Pretend tea cup
Evenflo Switch A Roo Tea Pot
Fisher-Price Little People Beast Figure


For some reason, rice is one thing the kids love to throw around. They’ll keep all the beans I can find in the bin, but lots of rice ends up on the floor. Le sigh.

They did like scooping with the tea cup. If I do this one again, I might use real tea cups. The texture and even the sound would probably be fun. Maybe I will figure out how to die rice as well. It would be pretty in yellow!