Disney Bolt Inspired Sensory Bin

My obsession with sensory bins continues, this time with Bolt’s kryptonite, Styrofoam!


I included:

Styrofoam packing pieces
Styrofoam balls
White mini pom poms
Yellow felt lightning bolts
Plastic carrot (for Bolt’s favorite toy)
Small glittery balloon animal dog buttons


I thought this one was sort of “blah” but Scarlett liked it immediately. She started talking about the difference between the fluffy small balls and the hard bigger balls. She really enjoyed comparing the two! She arranged them by size and had fun sorting as well. Cool!

I probably won’t use styrofoam again because Luke’s favorite thing to do with it was dump it out and leave it on the floor. But this one was easy to put together a bin made of stuff I already had around the house (yes, even the funny little balloon dogs). I’m glad the kids could have fun with it.

2 thoughts on “Disney Bolt Inspired Sensory Bin

  1. Yes, they definitely did make a mess! And probably six months ago my daughter would’ve tried to eat it. Certainly anyone who does this should only do it with good supervision 🙂

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