Character Greeting Interrupted: Buzz & Woody at Hollywood Studios

After Toy Story Mania, we crossed the street for the Toy Story Meet & Greet with Woody & Buzz Lightyear.

It was a difficult start to the day, with a long wait just to get on the first ride. The kids we tired of waiting. And yet we walked into a 40 minute wait for Woody and Buzz. Groan.

They did have fun stuff to play with in line so I was cautiously optimistic.

Disney World 065
Finally, a smile!
Disney World 067
The Claw!

Space Rangers
Disney World 072
Disney World 070
Trying to appease her with a Rice Krispie Treat

After all these pictures, we still were only half way through the line. I really wanted to meet Woody. Tom wanted to stay, too. But the kids were crabby, and in the end, they won. We exited, and I watched wistfully through the window as kids hugs the Toys. Then we moved on to making some Toy Story pressed pennies.

Disney World 073

Disney World 074

We left Pixar Place for bigger and better (ahem – Star Tours) things, but I’m still disappointed at our overall lack of Pixar Character pictures and autographs. Yet again – we have to go back!