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Beauty and the Beast Movie Night

For our Beauty and the Beast movie night dinner, I borrowed from the menus at the new Magic Kingdom restaurants Be Our Guest and Gaston’s Tavern.


I was going for French and kid-friendly at the same time – not easy! But these menus gave me good ideas – can’t really go wrong with ham and cheese with fries!

Our Menu:
Pommes Frites with Ketchup and Mayo
Chocolate Mousse

I also borrowed the Be Our Guest menu design for menu cards. Hope that’s okay with them…


Our LeFou’s Brew was just apple juice. Maybe next time we will be more adventurous.

bellebolt 012

The food went great with the movie. A great movie!


Beauty and the Beast Activity: A Trip to a Rose Garden (Sort of)

With the enchanted rose being a big part of Beauty and the Beast, I thought it might be fun to visit Bon Air Park, a local recreation area featuring a Memorial Rose Garden. Sadly, we visited too early in the year and the roses were not in bloom.
bonair 028
Bon Air Park, Sans Roses

Poor planning!

All was not lost, though, considering many other flowers were available for our viewing pleasure. Oh, and they have a playground!

  bonair 002
bonair 014

bonair 030

The playground was fun, but the setting was really lovely.

  bonair 025

bonair 023

And the flowers! Not roses, but still quite beautiful.

  bonair 044

bonair 073

bonair 076
bonair 069

bonair 053
It was really a nice day.


Beauty and the Beast Activity: Visiting the Library

Belle loves books, and the Beast’s magnificent library was one of the things that endeared him to her. So as part of Beauty and the Beast week, we took a trip to the library.

Our local library is great, and has a nice children’s section with tons of books, videos, and toys.
A book of poetry


“Reading” about cities

Big Sandra Boynton fan

The rocking chairs are one of the best parts of the library

Doing puzzles

Chillin’ while Dad talks to the librarian

More picture books
So sad to leave.
storytime 012
Storytime before bed makes it better 🙂

Disney Movie of the Week: Beauty and the Beast

This week’s movie is one of my favorites: Beauty and the Beast!

Tom, Luke and Chip!

I recorded this movie off of ABC Family when it aired on Easter, and I’ve been waiting impatiently to watch it. The kids have seen it once before. Scarlett was a little afraid of “The Bear” aka the Beast, but she liked the music a lot.

My little actor in a Photopass Magic Shot

I have a few good activities to do as well for this week’s theme. We should keep ourselves entertained!


Henry Hugglemonster Breakfast Party

The kids were eagerly anticipating the Disney Junior premiere of Henry Hugglemonster. After weeks of commercials and asking “Is it on today?” we finally got to see the show and they loved it. We watched it so many times this week that the kids can already sing the whole theme song from memory and can tell you the names of all the monsters in Henry’s town. So for fun twist on breakfast, I put together a “roarsome” meal based on Henry Hugglemonster and his family.


Our Menu:
Mini Monster Pancakes
Stacks of Silver Dollar pancakes on a stick with monster faces drawn in icing

Summer’s Swirly Yogurt 
Trix yogurt in Cotton Candy and Strawberry Banana flavors
Blue & Yellow Fruit Salad 
Bananas and Blueberries to match Henry’s belly
Daddo’s Roar Juice
Apple Juice



You can print our Roarsome sign here and our menu card here.


Disney Movie Night: Bolt

The menu for our Bolt movie night featured waffles because of Waffle World, the restaurant that provided the map for the epic adventure in the film.

Bolt Movie Night Menu: 
Waffle World’s Fried Chicken and Waffles 
Mr. Carrot’s Carrot and Dip 
Bolt’s Super Puppy Chow


If you haven’t tried the chicken and waffle combo, you should. Mmm-mmm.


I highly recommend the puppy chow. Addictive!


I forgot to put drinks on the menu. But I added “Mittens’ Milk” and “Penny’s Pop” to the table after the fact.

bellebolt 018
We enjoyed the movie, of course. It’s a sweet little film with a nice message. Oh, and explosions!
You can download the sign with a Bolt quote (my fave from the movie) here and the Waffle World menu card here.

Disney Bolt Activity: Visiting the Animal Shelter

With Bolt being the theme of our week, it was a great time to take the kids to visit an animal shelter.

We have been to our local shelter to get dog licenses, but never to visit the animals. It turns out that in addition to dogs and cats, they have lots of bunnies, some guinea pigs and even a turtle!

This dog came in from outside to meet us

Getting a closer look

Hello, kittens!


A lovely, big guy

Bye bye, Cat

Sweet little bunny

I wanted to take all the sweet animals home. Especially the chihuahua! But we were just there for a visit this time. We got Sonny from a shelter 10 years ago when he was just a puppy, and he’s been the best dog ever. If we ever have need for another pet, we will definitely be back.


Disney Bolt Inspired Sensory Bin

My obsession with sensory bins continues, this time with Bolt’s kryptonite, Styrofoam!


I included:

Styrofoam packing pieces
Styrofoam balls
White mini pom poms
Yellow felt lightning bolts
Plastic carrot (for Bolt’s favorite toy)
Small glittery balloon animal dog buttons


I thought this one was sort of “blah” but Scarlett liked it immediately. She started talking about the difference between the fluffy small balls and the hard bigger balls. She really enjoyed comparing the two! She arranged them by size and had fun sorting as well. Cool!

I probably won’t use styrofoam again because Luke’s favorite thing to do with it was dump it out and leave it on the floor. But this one was easy to put together a bin made of stuff I already had around the house (yes, even the funny little balloon dogs). I’m glad the kids could have fun with it.


Disney Movie of the Week: Bolt

This week, our movie is Luke’s favorite, Bolt!

The kids loves dogs, and trains, which puts this film at the top of our Disney list. Throw in the maps and the action sequences, and Luke is hooked!
Sonny & Lassie
Our Dog, Sonny, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

I’m not sure why this movie isn’t very popular. Someone else out there must like it, too, right? Just in case, I’ll be posting a few activities and a movie night dinner. Bolt Fans Unite!


Lunch at Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade

There was no way we were going to Hollywood Studios without eating at Pizza Planet.

Toy Story + Pizza + Video Games = Best Lunch Ever!

He’s Happy. Really

And actually it wasn’t just the atmosphere that was good – it was tasty food too!

With the Quick Service Dining Plan, I got a Meat Lovers pizza, side salad, Cappuccino cupcake, and a Coke.

Disney World 079
Picture of half-eaten lunch.You’re welcome.


I reluctantly split my cupcake with Luke, who was disappointed by his measly chocolate chip cookie. It was a big sacrifice – the cupcakes at Hollywood Studios are awesome! Luckily, they are also huge. So it worked out.

Scarlett was determined to play a video game with her pressed penny. That didn’t work too well. We had to distract her with promises of Star Tours and Fantasmic, but we got her out of there without spending all of our pressed pennies.