Wreck-It Ralph Activity: Visiting the Arcade

One thing we wanted to leading up to our Wreck-It Ralph movie night was take the kids to an arcade. I was planning to bring them to the old school arcade at the mall but they decided they wanted to check out Chuck E. Cheese, a sponsor of their favorite PBS shows, instead. This was probably a good call since there was lots more stuff for preschoolers there.

arcadecandy 011
arcadecandy 017
Driving with Daddy
arcadecandy 015
Feeding The Frog
arcadecandy 020
Whack A Mole – with Letters
arcadecandy 028
Air Hockey
arcadecandy 026
Around the Clock
arcadecandy 044
Ball Blast
arcadecandy 047
Dance Dance!
We won lots of tickets and the kids were happy to get prizes. Luke got a plastic snake and Scarlett got a Chuck E Cheese pencil topper. They were getting worn out, though, so we left with about 25 tokens. A good incentive to come back!