Wreck-It Ralph Activity: A Sugar Rush at the Candy Store

I’d heard good things about Candi’s Candies in Old Town Alexandria, so that’s where we headed for the candy portion of our Wreck-It Ralph themed adventures.
  arcadecandy 078
At the front of the store they have lots of classic candy as well as bagged candy, gag candy, and licensed products (Luke picked out a Super Mario candy tin).

arcadecandy 076
The entire back room is barrels of salt water taffy in all kinds of different flavors.

arcadecandy 072

arcadecandy 082

We let the kids pick whatever they wanted, and ended up with some bubble gum coins, sprees, chocolate malted eggs, candy corn, and a funny pink toilet filled with pink sugar and a lollipop plunger to dip! I got a selection of taffy to round it all out.

We did NOT buy the giant gummy snake at the front of the store.

arcadecandy 068

I think our haul would’ve made Vanellope proud.

arcadecandy 085

We were certainly successful in getting our own sugar rush!