Disney Family Movie Night: Wreck-It Ralph Menu

I had a hard time coming up with stuff for to eat for Wreck-It Ralph. We’d already gone to the candy store, so I didn’t want even more candy on the menu.

I looked around Pinterest and saw that some themed menus focused on the medals. Go ideas, guys! So that’s what I used for inspiration. We ended up with a Hero-themed dinner.
wreckit menu

Our Wreck-It Ralph Menu:
Ralph’s Hero Sandwiches (Meatball Subs)
Gold Medals (Potato Chips)
Cybug Salad (Caesar Salad with Dried Cranberries)
Vanellope’s Hero Cookies

wreckit 004
wreckit 006
wreckit 003
I had also planned to have Tapper’s Root Beer to drink…but I forgot to buy root beer. No medal for me!